If you have been following this blog for any length of time, then you already know of my friend who knits comic book characters. Each one she makes from the beginning has steadily been more and more detailed, until finally she went over the deep-end of awesome, and created this. 

Steve Rogers, Captain America, knitted doll. He’s 10 or so inches tall, and he has a naked body, knitted arm muscles, a /belly button/, and stylable hair. He’s pretty posable too, as his arms are set so that they’ll rotate and his long legs are pretty easy to bend. 

Then he has 1940s style underwear and undershirt, because of course that’s what Steve’s probably wearing under his suit. Everything is removable,but out of respect for Rogers’ modest, I didn’t take his pants off to show the…ahem…other knitted features.

And socks. He has tiny knitted socks. Ok then the pants and boots go over top of the underwear, and the boots have a /tongue/ and little straps. And he has a belt with…get this…actual functional pouches. Teeeenie Tiny pouches. His hands…have THUMBS…and the red gloves have thumbs and the hands go in the gloves and I’m just so amazed that she knitted all this.

And last but not least, he has his Captain America mask, which has adorable wings that stick out, holes for his ears, and it actually fits over his hair without looking huge or lumpy.

Look at his little sweet smile. Guys…my friend is amazing. Thanks, P.H.!!

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    Wow, just wow. Coulson would be proud. I am amazed.
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    Anyone who includes knitted naughty bits is a hero of mine.
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